Terms & Conditions

Mylogistics.online Ltd., Jan. 28 2021

Mylogistics.online is an online members portal to connect Shippers with Carriers.

A “Shipper” is a company posting a load.

A “Carrier” is a company carrying a load.

When a Shipper advertises the load, they are responsible to provide the correct loading/unloading details & dates/times. It is the Shippers responsibility to check the Carrier’s credentials before making a booking and for a Carrier to check the Shippers credentials before accepting a load.

A Shipper is a Company shipping its own or third party goods. Shipping third party goods is permitted under the condition that the original sender has given his express consent.

A Carrier is a person or company providing direct services to the Shipper, subcontracting/re selling of loads is not permitted unless otherwise stated in writing by the Shipper to the Carrier. Once a load is complete the Carrier must upload the POD/s to the relevant job ASAP on Mylogistics.online followed by an upload of the invoice.

Membership for Carriers is currently free from charge, Shippers are currently charged £40 + Vat per Month. Membership can be terminated at the end of each month before a payment is taken.

It is the Shippers responsibility to ensure Carriers payment terms are met within the agreed terms of payment. Where a Shipper continually fails to pay Carriers on time without good reason Mylogostics.online reserves the right to terminate the Shippers membership without refund.

When a load is booked by a Shipper to a Carrier the Carrier must ensure loading and unloading times agreed are met and any delays communicated efficiently to the Shipper.

Mylogistics.online is a matching platform and accepts no responsibility for failed collections or deliveries, damage or payment disputes between Shippers & Carriers. Where reports of continuous failures are received Mylogistocs.online reserves the right to terminate a Shipper or Carriers membership. Where a Shippers membership payment is not met, membership will be suspended.

Mylogistics.online is entitled to cancel paid and free memberships by the end of the month.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Mylogistics.online shall in no event be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive or consequential damages whatsoever resulting from (1) any use of the mylogistics.online platform, (2) inaccurate or missing content, (3) unauthorized use or access to the mylogistics.online servers, (4) loss of data, (5) unavailability of the mylogistics.online platform, (6) fraudulent users, (7) inaccurate verification of users by mylogistics.online.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom.